New House Painting

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Whats involved in new house painting

Have you just had your new house built? If you have it is highly recommended to have the walls sealed with an oil based Sealer Binder.

Why should I seal my new walls?

Before painting new plaster walls, sufficient time must be allowed for them to thoroughly dry. Not only is there water and lime in the plaster, but also in the masonry way to which the plaster has been applied.

Painting can usually  be undertaken 6 weeks after the plastering has finished. We can assist in
determining whether the walls are sufficiently dry by using a moisture content reader . Painting should be delayed if the reader measures over 16%, If paint is applied over a “damp” surface or substrate, blistering or peeling may result.

The sealing of walls helps harden the plaster that’s why it is recommended that Sealer Binder is to be used.  If you use standard wall paint over the plaster the walls will be much softer and over time will chip and paint will peel in high traffic areas/wet areas.

What paint should I use?

Dulux Wash and Wear, Dulux wash and Wear Plus or Dulux Professional.  Both paints are exceptional for wash ability/durability and in a low sheen finish.

What paint should I use?

This is the most important part of painting, how the walls are prepared before painting will determine what the finish will look like.

A T Harris painting the steps we take are as follows: