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Professional House Painters across Perth Hills

Adding paint to a home can at once boost its financial value and transform it into a dream abode to live in. That is why you should always entrust professional painters to handle the work for you. At T. Harris Painting, we are a family owned and run business that are eager to share our years of expertise and knowledge to projects across the Perth Hills. Our painters are highly trained in working on both the interior and exterior of a house. Whether you are in need of sprucing up a new home, a rental, strata, or painting in relation to an insurance case, we are more than capable of producing a quality finish.

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How are house painters can benefit your home

Unlike many of our competitors in the painting industry, the house painters at T. Harris Painting are part of the force running the business. This means the painters you meet and that come to work in your home will not be outsourced or sub-contractors. They will be people whose interests are rooted in the success of the business. And our achievements are not based around monthly profit margins. We are concerned more with the happiness our work brings our clients, and the future work will do for them, creating a flourishing business relationship.

Depending on the size of your project, we may simply be at your house for a day, or our painters could be there for several. Regardless, we are not the sort who treat your home as a worksite. We operate under stringent procedures that revolve around showing you and your property the respect and consideration they deserve. Beyond that, we hope to achieve a spectacular finished result within a timely fashion, always happy to extend or lend advice on colour schemes for future projects.


Reserve our quality house painters

Home painting projects are always best done when at the hands of the professionals. To learn more about what is offered from our team of house painters across the Perth Hills, or if you would like to make an enquiry regarding our services, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our helpful staff. We can be reached by calling 0415 270 317, or over email by sending your details to We look forward to helping bring the vision of your home to life.